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Your IT Department

Help Desk – Monitoring – Maintenance


  • Provide the best IT Service to our clients
  • Earn the respect of our customers by delivering the best
  • Treat our client’s business as our own
  • Constantly exceed our clients’ expectations
  • Invest in our own people and infrastructure
  • Research evolving new technologies
  • Excel beyond our set goals

Rodrigo Araujo

   System Connected founder, Rodrigo Araujo began working in the technology industry in 1997. Starting from the ground up, he set about acquiring an understanding of both hardware and software. Rodrigo’s inquisitive nature and enthusiasm to learn new skills complemented his ability to self-teach. He rapidly became an asset to his clients and completed projects with amazing efficiency. Rodrigo’s enthusiastic and light-hearted approach to problem-solving effectively kept his clients satisfied.


   However, Rodrigo was interested in creating a business model that was ethical, adaptable and vibrant. He began searching for tools that could assist him to provide complete one stop shop for all IT Services to small and medium-sized businesses. Rodrigo continues to research the latest technologies as he strives to perfect the range of tools we use today.
   Rodrigo and the team at System Connected continue to listen to our clients and improve our products and services because we care!

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Ricardo Macedo

In a fast-growing and changing workforce like today, I believe that one must be flexible, in order to continue to strive in any field. It is essential that one must be a lifelong learner who is open to change and new ideas. I believe this is true in any situation in life, as I have learned from my own experiences of working with people to owning a business. I am an Apple enthusiastic and graphic design expert; therefore, any questions you may have do not hesitate to contact me.


Duke Alford

Panasonic Licensed Contractor. Been in the telecommunications industry since 1993. Installing and programming Panasonic systems sense 2003. I am a Certified Panasonic reseller. Troubleshoot gate controls integrating with phone systems. Install and troubleshooting cabling. Can supply detailed business references