What is Voip?

Technology has made it so much easier for people to connect, regardless of whether they are separated by cities, countries, or continents. When it comes to communication, the internet has offered so many alternatives that prove to be cheaper and faster. Among all the options, VoIP proves to be one of the most widely-used, but is also one of the most misunderstood.


Understanding VoIP

The term VoIP is actually short for Voice over Internet Protocol. It basically allows people to use the internet as a means to make phone calls. Traditionally, voice calls are done through circuit transmissions using PSTN. Through VoIP however, voice packets are sent through IP.

Skype is one great example of what VoIP can do, although Skype also offers a whole lot of other features such as instant messaging. It does allow you to go through the basic VoIP functions however, such as making international calls.

Is there anything else that you need to set up your VoIP, or is your internet connection enough? VoIP actually requires either additional equipment or apps to allow you to use its functions. Under VoIP equipment, you can choose to use a VoIP client or a VoIP adapter. You can also download and install an app, which is similar to how you use Skype.

What VoIP Brings

So what’s the big deal about having VoIP? Well, if you can still remember how it was before VoIP service became popular, people would spend so much and would have to go through so much effort just to get in touch with someone who is far away. With VoIP, this became easier and more efficient.

Here are some of the benefits of using VoIP:

  • Cost-Efficient. Using a traditional phone, calling someone overseas also means having to pay an unbelievable amount of money. Regardless of whether you do it through a mobile phone or through a landline, long distance charges could definitely leave you bankrupt. As for VoIP, you don’t even have to pay anything extra on top of your usual internet bill.
  • Through VoIP, you can contact people anywhere around the world no matter where you are, as long as you have a broadband connection. This makes it so much more convenient to use especially when you travel a lot.
  • Multi-Functional. VoIP services do not limit its functions with the usual chore of making and receiving calls. It also allows a number of other features, such as instant messaging and video conferencing. All these in one package makes it the perfect communication tool for businesses, as it allows you to get in touch with your entire team even if you are not physically present in a meeting.

People may not realize it, but VoIP actually plays a huge role in the way they communicate with other people on a daily basis. Some people do not really see anything beyond internet connectivity as their means of communication. Some people think it’s just a simple app. But what VoIP actually does is connect people from all over the world in more efficient ways than you ever deemed possible.