Digital Marketing Trends for 2015


Digital marketing has taken businesses all over the globe by storm, and the traditional means of marketing brands and products have somehow gotten used to staying in the sidelines waiting for their time to shine once again. This year, digital marketing shows no stopping or slowing down as some new trends emerge and some old trends continue their upward direction.


Here are a few trends to watch out for this year:

Quality over quantity

Although the content marketing industry has been trying to push the thought of having better value in the past couple of years, it will be this year that things finally turn around completely and we’ll see more quality posts everywhere. The days when content creators abuse keywords and post random nonsense all over the place will finally end. Now, it’s all about credibility, reliability, and insightful content.

Mobile first, not mobile-friendly

In the past years, it was all about making everything mobile-friendly. This year however, it’s not just going to be about having a website that’s responsive but about prioritizing the needs of the mobile users over that of the regular computer and laptop user. The numbers of mobile users are after all, ballooning unbelievably. Considering that it was predicted that 83% of internet usage would be coming from mobile users by 2015, now is the time to switch positions and build websites with the needs of the mobile user as a primary basis.

Visual storytelling over text

It could be in the form of infographics or videos. No matter what it is, it has to be visual. The amount of engagement that visual content dictates to different audiences seems to be working more efficiently compared to other forms of content. It conveys the message clearer and faster, which also means clearer and faster results.

With these trends taking over, it’s time to update that digital marketing strategy and start preparing every single business for digital domination.