San Diego Internet Packages

The tech scene in San Diego is quite active, which means that the presence of the much needed network infrastructure is something that people here take seriously. Even outside the tech industry, individuals and professionals just cannot live without a stable internet connection – but then again, this has almost become a constant everywhere else.

Because of these facts, it is important to find out what your connectivity options are when you’re in the San Diego area. For homes and individuals, here are some of the most popular options:

  • AT&T U-Verse ($44.95/mo for 18mbps). Although users only rate the service at around 43% customer satisfaction, the fact that the service is available in 95% of San Diego makes it the most popular. The price is also good for their one-year package, but the regular rate per month is $62.
  • Time Warner Cable ($34.99/mo for 15mbps). Customer satisfaction is only at 34.6% across over 9,600 subscribers in the area. Availability in San Diego is 89.3%, and although annual plans allow you to pay only $34/mo for the service, regular rates reach $57.99 for monthly plans.
  • Cox Cable ($39.99/mo for 15mbps). Customer satisfaction is higher than the previous two at 46.9%, but it is only available in 70.6% of San Diego. Annual plans would mean that you would only have to pay $39.99 a month, but the regular monthly rate is actually $54.99.

As for business internet, here are other options aside from the big three previously mentioned:

  • Level 3 Communications ($1270.90/mo for 10mbps)
  • Cogent Communications (price depends on business needs)
  • Windstream Communications ($69.99/mo for 12mbps)
  • Global Capacity (price depends on business needs)

These internet service providers allow San Diego residents to be connected both for their personal and business use. Considering that 98% of the San Diego population have the ability to choose between two or more providers, it only shows that the region is definitely keeping up with the rest of the state, technology-wise.